Values in the Curriculum

We have free online training for schools and teachers working on a values-based curriculum. To access the training, click the link belolw.

In May 2023, we ran a conference on the values-based curriculum. Below are links mentioned during the conference and a series of interviews with a number of presenters and delegates on the values-based curriculum and, more generally, about aspects of Values-based Educaction.


Rationale for a Values-based Curriculum

Mick Waters on the rationale for a Values-based Curriculum


Dr Neil Hawkes, VbE Founder

Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership through
Values-based Education

What is Ethical Leadership

What is a Values-based Curriculum

Bridget Knight, Vbe CEO

The Importance of
Values-based Education

Reflections from the conference

Thoughts about the
values-based curriculum

Inspiring teachers

Sue Jones, VbE Senior Adviser

Inspiration from the
values-based curriculum conference

What is the VbE Quality Mark?

What is the VbE Quality Mark audit?

David Bartlett, Head of Pear Tree Projects

The school impact of VbE

Tips for managing students' challenges

A wellbeing support tool for schools

Tracey Smith, Executive Head Teacher

The Importance of
Values in Education

VbE's Impact on Staff Morale

Values Ambassadors

VbE's Impact on Academic Outcomes


School governor Phillip Whittall
on the imapct of VbE

Sarah Hall,  QEH Junior School, Bristol
on values and wellbeing