VbE Compassion Award

The Award

We have recently introduced a new Compassion Award.

School staff are encouraged to nominate individuals within their school community who consistently demonstrate exceptional compassion. This can take various forms, such as continuous compassion towards students, colleagues, or parents, extraordinary acts of compassion, or the ability to nurture compassion in others.

We will review the nominations and present the award to those who have expressed the strongest acts of compassion. 

In Memory of ...

The VbE Compassionate Award was created in memory of Maurice Irfan Coles. He was the founder of the charity CoEd. Its name is a blending of its founding vision for Compassionate Education.

It reflects the core essence of Maurice who was a most respected, wise and compassionate man.

The Compassion Award

Compassionate Award Grants

David Bartlett, head of Pear Tree Projects

David's outstanding work at Pear Tree Projects, an impactful special needs school, has created a nurturing environment for children with highly challenging needs.

With over thirty-five years of experience, David has developed a comprehensive system to measure, monitor, and promote emotional wellbeing. This system has proven to be highly effective in helping children process and understand their difficulties. An independent research project spanning a decade examined a group of children and concluded that those involved in David's 'marginal gains' process made significant psychological progress.

David has made this valuable resource freely accessible to all children in the UK. Additionally, he has developed an international version that can be utilised by children of any age, stage, or setting worldwide, at his own expense.

Presentation to David Bartlett by Prof Mick Waters