VbE Books

We set out below a number of books and videos we recommend for schools that want to find out about or deepen their understanding of Values-based Education.

On the Subject of Values, by Bridget Knight, Mick Waters and others
A book that describes the VbE curriculum and how schools can implement it, with lots of practical examples that schools can use.

From My Heart, by Dr Neil Hawkes

A book that introduces VbE through the lens of “Transforming Lives Through Values”

The Inner Curriculum, by Dr Neil and Jane Hawkes

A book that explains VbE and the Inner Curriculum

How to Inspire and Develop Positive Values in Your Classroom, by Dr Neil Hawkes

A book on teaching values in the classroom

Does Teaching Values Improve the Quality of Education in Primary Schools? by Dr Neil Hawkes

A book on the impact of VbE

A Quiet Revolution – Encouraging Positive Values in Our Children, by Frances Farrer

A book describing the start of the VbE movement

Little Book of Values, by Julie Duckworth & Ian Gilbert

A book explaining the meaning of values