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“Our world desperately needs hope. Values-based Education (VbE) is bringing this hope, by transforming education and society, so that young people are educated holistically. VbE creates a culture in which young people and adults thrive because they are empowered, by living their values, to ethically self-regulate their thinking and behaviour.  This is the foundation of ethical leadership, which is the key for peace , cooperation and harmony. 

Dr Neil Hawkes, Founder of VbE

"I believe that by understanding how our brains have evolved to support human connection, we can work together towards a less divided, more equitable and sustainable future.  Values-based Education epitomises the shift we need in education around the world to enable students to thrive through positive connections."

Dr Mark Williams,  Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, and Author of "The Connected Species"


Values-based Education (VbE) is an approach to education for schools and other settings. At its heart, its principles are simple, yet has a profound impact on learners, schools and on the wider community.

VbE has already transformed many schools worldwide, by giving learners access to an ethical vocabulary based on human values, such as respect, justice, integrity, harmony, trust and honesty. The structures below will help you navigate to the areas that will help you to either begin the journey of being values-based or embed it still further.

We believe we are at the foothills of a new era of education, one which is more in tune with our learners, with their needs and with the needs of society for a sustainable, compassionate and peaceful future. Our governing charity, the IVET Foundation, is working to develop this new philosophical framework for education.


Why engage with VbE

How to Do VbE

Support for Schools


VbE Impact

Our founder, Dr Neil Hawkes, talks about the positive impact of VbE on students, staff and the whole school community.

VbE Illustrated

A four-minute Doodle that brings VbE to life. A short animation by Stephanie Giles.

VbE by Students

What VbE students’ understand about values. Video scripted by students of Hinkley Parks Primary