Wellbeing is an explicit goal of Values-based Education. This section provides resources to support wellbeing in schools.

Wellbeing Tools

Jane Hawkes (phychotherapist) and Bridget Knight (headteacher and CEO of Values-based Education) present a workshop on using reflection with children

David Bartlett, head of Pear Tree Projects, a special needs school, offers details of his free Wellbeing Support Tool for students.

Kelly Green from Learn Happy offers a wide variety of tools to support students' wellbeing. To access the resources, click here

Wellbeing Tips

Inspiring Videos

A message of hope from Dr Neil Hawkes for teachers and head teachers who have been feeling under undue pressure from the system.

Bridget Knight reflects on the purpose and amazing achievements of teachers

Neil Hawkes highlights the role teachers can play in developing the basis of ethical leadership for the next generation, and for our current leaders too.