Values for Sustainability

Values are integrally connected with sustainability. We need to be aware of the wonders of nature, of the threats we post to the planet and the human attitudes to sustain our lives and our nature.

VbE Author

Catherine Barr is a VbE author. She has written a wide range of books to bring the beauty of nature to life for children, the threats we pose and practical ways children can support sustainability.

Values are woven throughout her books to connect our awareness with our behaviours.

She told us that she writes books to spark conversation and curiosity about our natural world. They are written to inspire children to want to discover more, get involved and be bold, in taking action to inspire positive change.

Catherine is available to visit schools in the UK and throughout the world to talk about her books and to introduce children to the wonderful world of nature and sustainability.

The Harmony Project

We are closely aligned with the Harmony project. It helps schools to develop their curriculum to prepare young people to engage with the environmental and social challenges.