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We were thrilled to receive hundreds of entries to the competition. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered. 

Your stories were incredibly inspiring.

Thank you also to judges Viv Grant, Professor Mick Waters and Professor Bart McGettrick.

Presentations and prizes coming soon. 

Stories will be published for all to read. 





Category A  (4-7 year olds)


First Prize

Musa Ayaz, (Age 6) William Austin Infant School



Zarah Rahman, (Age 7), Loddon Primary School  

Part 1Zaina Mehmood, (Age 7) William Austin Infant School

Mariam Ul-haq, (Age 7) William Austin Infant School

Nazihah Ahmed, (Age 7), William Austin Infant School


Runners Up

Phoebe Glasper, (Age 6), Ledbury Primary School

Evelyn Cox, (Age 7), Loddon Primary School

Thomas Gilbert Scott (Age 7), Long Crendon Primary School

Thomas Hamilton, (Age 7),  Long Crendon Primary School

Dominic Dixon, (Age 6), Southfield Primary School

Isha Rahman, (Age 6), William Austin Infant School

Malikah Muni, (Age 7), William Austin Infant School

Zaynab Begum, (Age 5), William Austin Infant School


Read the stories! 

#MyValuesStory Part 1! 



 Category B (8-11 year olds)


First Prize

Sophie Traub, (Age 8) Thames Ditton Junior School



Kelsie Nel, (Age 11), Aureus School

Alessandra Charlton, (Age 10),Long Crendon Primary School

Esme Maddison, (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Lia McFadyen, (Age 11) Stamford Welland Academy


Runners Up

Mason Swoffer, (Age 10), Coleshill Heath Primary School

Rachel, (Age 10), Eardisley C of E Primary School 

Timothy Cooper, (Age 6), Loddon Primary School

Liyana Rahman, (Age 10), Loddon Primary School

Romy Mullen (Age 9), Long Crendon Primary School

Georgia Guerin, (Age 8),  Long Crendon Primary School

Jack Richardson (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Phoebe Thomas, (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Sophie Longwell, (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Charlie Littlewood, (Age 11), Long Crendon Primary School

Emma Corby, (Age 10), Long Crendon Primary School

Ella Penrose, (Age 10), Long Crendon Primary School

Abigail Corby, (Age 10), Long Crendon Primary School

Evie Hoy, (Age 9), Oakfield Junior School

Chole Wilson, (Age 9), Oakfield Junior School

Molly Skilton, (Age 11), Stamford Welland Academy

Holly Knight, (Age 11), Stamford Welland Academy

Nell Peachey Gudgin, (Age 11), Thames Ditton Primary School

Lara Measures, (Age 10), Thames Ditton Primary School



Category C (12-17 year olds)


First Prize

Isabella Watson, (Age 12) Aureus School



Ewan Cresswell, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Sophie Cooke, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Jess Skippon, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Emilie Shaw, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Runners Up

Samuel Purdy, (Age 12), Aureus School

Nadhir Macchiarulo, (Age 12), Aureus School 

Natalie Orpin, (Age 12), Aureus School

Sandra Winnicka, (Age 12), St Mark's C of E Academy

Carrie Miller  (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Kaylee Briggs, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Ben Doyle, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Joe Wallace, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Elliot Laughton-Smith, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Ruby Ashton, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy










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