Introducing VbE to Parents

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Introducing VbE to Parents

This training is for schools looking to engage their parental community with VbE.


It supports schools in introducing the concept of a values-based ethos and curriculum to the wider school community and to reveal to parents the impact VbE can have on their children.


This training can be delivered in one of three ways:

1. As a training session for key members of staff to prepare to deliver a VbE Parents Information Meeting themselves;

2. As a VbE Parents' Information Meeting delivered by a VbE Consultant;

3. A day/morning or afternoon VbE in-school session(s) with lessons and games for parents and their children to let them experience the impact of VbE in the classroom.


Please complete the form and one of our VbE Accredited Trainers will contact you to answer any questions and discuss your requirements in full.

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