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What the world needs now is values!


#DailyWritingChallenge is a collection of powerful, blogs by brilliant educators...written from their courageous, compassionate, vulnerable hearts as they strive to make sense of what is happening in the world during the Covid-19 outbreak. 


These are people doing their very best to support their communities through the biggest disruption any of us have ever experienced.


By exploring and living positive, human values, we see a change in our thinking and our behaviour. 


Lives infused with values such love, care, courage, peace, resilience, patience, responsibility, kindness, trust - and so many more - help us to better connect with each other and live with a deeper purpose. 


You will be inspired by these incredible pieces of work. 


To contribute your own piece, head over to Twitter and publish using the hashtag #DailyWritingChallenge.


Rainbow Little Heaton

#DailyWritingChallenge - Kindness


#DailyWritingChallenge - Courage


#DailyWritingChallenge - Honesty


#DailyWritingChallenge - Guilt 


#DailyWritingChallenge - Resilience


#DailyWritingChallenge - Empathy


#DailyWritingChallenge - Friendship


#DailyWritingChallenge - Gratitude






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