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Value Based Education

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VbE Student Award Scheme (Primary & Secondary)
The VbE Student Award Scheme is a fantastic initiative to recognise dedication and contribution to the school's values environment and community.
It is a structured framework for students to carry out values-related activities in and out of school.
The scheme provides a guide as to how the process can be carried out, a values activity card for students to complete as they make progress and a template for schools to print individual VbE certificates for students.
The schemes are simple to administer. Each has its own 'Values Challenge' card for students to complete in their own time. The activities should be mainly child-led and students should be encouraged to take responsibility for showing what they have achieved.
There are 12 tasks. They encourage students to consider and reflect on the way positive values can impact on their life in school, the community and wider society. Students can work on 'Values Challenges' individually. in groups or as class activities where relevant. They can be completed at home or school, as appropriate.
A member of staff needs to verify the completion of the activities by talking to the student, looking at their evidence and signing their card.This could be built into PSHE lessons, circle time, tutor time etc. It is designed to be simple, yet rewarding for both adults and students.
Clear guidelines come with the resources.
As this scheme is for member Schools only, the tools are downloadable from the Resources section of this website.
Once a student has completed their tasks they have selected, the school can download a VbE-badged certificate to present to each student.

In addition, there is a pack of free stickers (containing 96 stickers) that can be ordered by sending a request via email. Pupil award

VbE Staff Award Scheme
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The VbE Staff Award is a recognition of a staff member’s excellent values-practice in a school; that they make a superb contribution to the values-environment and to the students’ awareness and experience of positive, universal values.


This award requires an internal audit by a senior member of staff/line manager against VbE criteria. Staff who gain this award receive a VbE Staff Award certificate and are celebrated as VbE Staff Award practitioners on the Values-based Education website.


The steps to achieve the VbE Staff Award are set out below:


Step 1

Download and complete the relevant criteria for the values-based member of staff. The This will help you assess how well your procedures and practices are focused towards values modelling and values actions, and will steer you towards gathering the evidence needed for the audit.

As this scheme is for member Schools only, the tools are downloadable from the Resources section of this website.

Step 2
Arrange for a senior member of staff/line manager to undertake an internal audit. Evidence of the required criteria having been met should be recorded in the appropriate sections of the Criteria form. Once completed, this form should be sent to Values-based Education and a VbE Assessor will verify the Award. It may be necessary for the assessor to contact either the candidate or the internal auditor if further information is needed. A certificate will be sent to the staff member- with our congratulations!

VbE Quality Mark staff are authorised to present the certificate to third parties, and may be authorised to display the certificate at their school.

We list Quality Mark schools and staff on this website.


Click here to find out about this scheme and other Member Schools benefits.

VbE (Individual) Staff Quality Mark

The VbE Staff Quality Mark is an independent award to a staff member who makes an outstanding contribution to the awareness and experience of students' positive, universal values and to the values environment within the school.

Seeking the Quality Mark helps staff to focus on the effectiveness of their values practices.Adult and child

For teachers, the Quality Mark links directly to the Professional Standards. These have been adapted to include values-based criteria.
For non-teaching/support staff, a set of criteria/standards have been created.

The steps to achieve a VbE Staff Quality Mark are set out below:

Step 1
Complete the relevant Standards Audit Tool for the values-based member of staff*

This will help you assess how well your procedures and practices are focused towards values modelling and values actions, and will steer you towards gathering the evidence needed for the audit.

You can download the relevant VbE Quality Mark standards below:
Support Staff


Step 2
CONTACT US to arrange an audit by a VbE Quality Mark Auditor.

During the audit, we will draw your attention to any recommendations or suggestions to help increase the impact of your contribution to VbE at your school.

We will run through the key findings of the audit with the staff member being assessed.

If successful, the staff member will receive a written report, a personalised Quality Mark certificate and be showcased on the VbE website.


Rebecca Williams, a teacher at Wigmore Primary School, Herefordshire was awarded the VbE Quality Mark.

She has kindly allowed her report to be published to help schools and staff understand the impact of VbE, the standards of a VbE Staff Quality Mark and the scope the audit.

Read Rebecca's report20161109 104614


VbE Quality Mark Staff

Congratulations to individual members of staff who have been awarded the VbE Quality Mark for their outstanding contribution to the values ethos of their schools.


  • Rebecca Williams, Wigmore Primary School, Herefordshire

The VbE Quality Mark and the VbE Enhanced Quality Mark recognise Values-based Education at its very best.

Our Quality Mark schools are centres of values-based learning and teaching, supportive relationships, high levels of emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing.

The Quality Marks are administered by the International Values-based Education Trust (IVET).



VbE Quality Mark


The VbE Quality Mark is an independent certification that a school practises VbE effectively. Seeking the Quality Mark helps schools to focus on the effectiveness of their values provision. It is an opportunity for celebrating excellent work and also identifying possible ways forward.

The steps to applying for the VbE Quality Mark are set out below:


  • Step 1
    Complete the VbE Self-Assessment Audit Tool. This helps the school to assess how well its procedures and practices are focused towards values modelling and values teaching, and will steer it towards gathering the evidence needed for the audit.
  • Step 2
    Contact Us to arrange an audit for your school. A Quality Mark Auditor will make arrangements with you for a visit.
    During the audit, the VbE Consultant/Auditor will draw the school's attention to any recommendations or suggestions to help increase the impact of VbE at the school. They will report the key findings of the audit at the end of the visit. A written report is sent to the school a short while later with certificates and logos. The school will be listed as a Quality Mark school on the VbE website and become a hub school to inspire others.

Qulaity Mark Certificate



Enhanced VbE Quality Mark

The Enhanced VbE School Quality Mark recognises an existing Quality Mark school's more profound and wide-ranging use of Values-based Education in improving the quality of provision and practice for pupils across the school or setting.


It embraces the criteria outlined for the Values-based Education Quality Mark but also provides further challenge for those schools that wish to demonstrate unprecedented and leading practice in this field.


It does this by recognising and acknowledging:


  • The continuation and further development of outstanding practice as a Values-based school.
  • The furtherance of the school's commitment to Values-based Education as a transformational approach to schooling and improvement.
  • High aspirations of a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Commitment to creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence for all its pupils.
  • The school as a leader for local or nationally-based organisation in this field.

Download the Enhanced VbE Quality Mark Audit Tool 

CONTACT US to discuss or apply for the VbEQuality Mark or Enhanced Quality Mark


NEW - VbE Early Years Quality Mark

20160909 191908

The VbE Early Years Quality Mark has been created to recognise and celebrate excellent values-based practice in nursery and pre-school settings.   

It fulfils the criteria outlined for the Values-based Education Quality Mark whilst being adapted for Early Years children, staff and settings. 


Download the VbE Early Years Quality Mark Audit Tool 

CONTACT US to discuss or apply for the VbEQuality Mark, Enhanced Quality Mark or Early Years Quality Mark. 

We are so proud of every one of our Quality Mark schools! TDS Values Tree


These are schools all over the world providing outstanding values-based education to children.


They are creating learning environments where every person thrives!


Below is a list of accredited schools that have been awarded the IVET School's Quality Mark.


Information on how schools can apply for the Quality Mark is available here.

VbE Enhanced Quality Mark Schools

  • Aegir - A Specialist Academy, Lincolnshire (S)
  • Cranfield Church of England Academy, Bedfordshire
  • Eardisley CofE Primary School, Herefordshire
  • Eversley Primary School, Enfield, London
  • Fielding Primary School, Ealing, London
  • Middle Barton School, Oxfordshire
  • Oxfordshire Hospital School, Oxford *
  • St Mark's Church of England Academy, Mitcham, London (S)
  • Warren Wood - A Specialist Academy, Lincolnshire
  • Wilds Lodge Therapeutic School, Rutland, Leicestershire *

VbE Quality Mark Schools

  • Academia Britanica Cuscatleca, El Salvador (I)
  • Albert Pritchard Infant and Wood Green Junior Federation, Wednesbury, West Midlands
  • Alameda Middle, Bedford
  • Arnold Academy, Bedfordshire
  • Aureus School, Oxfordshire (S)
  • Aylestone Business and Enterprise College, Herefordshire (S)
  • Bannockburn Primary, Plumstead, London
  • Barnsbury Primary, Surrey
  • Beenham Primary School, Berkshire
  • Bilton Infant School, Rugby, Warwickshire
  • Brampton Abbotts CE Primary School, Herefordshire
  • Broughton Fields Primary School, Milton Keynes
  • Capel Manor Primary School, Enfiled, London
  • Castle Newnham Primary School, Bedfordshire
  • Chantry Primary Academy, Luton, Bedfordshire
  • Charville Primary School, Hayes, Middlesex
  • Chetwynd Primary Academy, Nottingham
  • Coldfall Primary School, Haringey, London
  • Coltishill Primary School, Norwich, Norfolk
  • Combe CE Primary School, Witney
  • Copenhagen Primary School, Islington, London
  • Danegrove School, Barnet, Hertfordshire
  • Drove Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Eastwick Infant School, Surrey
  • Edward Peake CofE Middle School, Bedfordshire
  • Fairfield Park Lower School, Hertfordshire
  • Falconer's Hill Infant School, Northamptonshire
  • Fulbrook Middle School, Milton Keynes
  • Great Abington Primary School, Cambridgeshire
  • Greenleas School, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
  • Hadley Wood School, Barnet, Hertfordshire
  • Harlington Lower School, Hartlington, Bedfordshire
  • Harlescott Junior School, Shropshire
  • Harvills Hawthorn Primary School, West Bromwich, West Midlands
  • Haydon Wick Primary School, Wiltshire
  • Haynes Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Hemswell Cliff School, Lincolnshire
  • Heneskolan, Sk√∂vde, Sweden (I)
  • Herons' Moor Academy, Somerset (I)
  • Hilden Oaks School, Kent
  • Hinchley Wood Primary School, Esher, Surrey
  • Hornbill School, Brunei (I)
  • Houghton Conquest Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Houghton Regis Primary School, Bedfordshire
  • Kings Hill School, Kent
  • Laburnum Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Leikskolstjori, Iceland (I)
  • Ledbury Primary, Herefordshire
  • Levenshulme High School, Manchester (S)
  • Lime Walk Primary School, Hertfordshire
  • Linslade Academy, Bedfordshire
  • Loddon Primary School, Earley, Reading
  • Long Crendon Primary, Buckinghamshire
  • Longleaze Primary School, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire
  • Madley Pre-School, Herefordshire
  • Madley Primary School, Herefordshire
  • Maybury Primary School, Surrey
  • Merryhills Primary School, Enfield, London
  • Morecambe Primary School, Lancashire
  • Moredon Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Moss Hall Junior School, Finchley, London
  • Mountford Manor Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Nyland Campus, Nythe, Wiltshire
  • Oatlands School, Surrey
  • Park Lane Primary School and Nursery, Nuneaton, Warwickshire
  • Pear Tree Projects, County Durham *
  • Phoenix Junior Academy, Kent
  • Pixies Hill School, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
  • Porchester Junior School, Nottingham
  • Race Leys Junior School, Bedworth, Warwickshire
  • Ramridge Primary School, Luton, Bedfordshire
  • Ramsey Manor Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Red Oaks Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Redwell Primary School, Wellingborough, Northapmtonshire
  • Revoe Community Primary School, Blackpool
  • Ridings Farm - Horse Assisted Learning, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire *
  • Rodbourne Cheney Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Roecroft Lower School, Hitchin, Herfordshire
  • Rowdeford School, Devizes, Wiltshire *
  • Sancta Maria College, Auckland, New Zealand (I)
  • Sandylands Primary School, Lancashire
  • Send C of E Primary School, Surrey
  • Shefford Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Shillington Lower, Hertfordshire
  • Silsoe Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Someries Infant and Nursery School, Bedfordshire
  • Southwold Primary and Nursery School, Oxfordshire
  • St Andrew's CofE VC Primary School, Hertfordshire
  • St Andrew's Junior School, Singapore (I)
  • St Augustine's CE Primary School, West Sussex
  • St Charles Borromeo Primary, Melbourne, Australia (I)
  • St John Baptist Church of England Primary School, Lewisham, Kent
  • St John's C of E Primary, Academy, Wednesbury, West Midlands
  • St Mark's CE Primary School, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
  • St Nicolas' CE Infant School, Guilford, Surrey
  • St Peter at Gowts CE Primary School, Lincoln
  • St Peter's Primary School, South Croydon, Surrey
  • Stepping Stones (Short Stay) School, Lancashire *
  • Stondon Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Sundon Lower School, Luton, Bedfordshire
  • Sutton V.A. Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Swallowfield Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Thames Ditton Infant School, Surrey
  • The British School of Cordoba, Spain (I)
  • The Castle Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • The Croft Primary School, Swindon
  • The Downley School, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
  • The Meads Primary School, Luton, Bedfordshire
  • The Priory Primary School, Wednesbury, West Midlands
  • Thomas Whitehead CE School, Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire
  • Thomas's Kensington, London
  • Thomas's Fulham, London
  • Tower Hill Primary School, Witney, Oxfordshire
  • Tredworth Infant and Nursery Academy, Gloucester
  • Tregoze Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Trumacar Nursery and Community Primary School, Morecambe, Lancashire 
  • Washingborough Academy, Lincolnshire
  • Wenlock CoE Junior School, Luton, Bedfordshire
  • West Haddon Endowed CoE School, Northants
  • Western House Academy, Slough, Berkshire
  • Westoning Lower School, Bedfordshire
  • Whalley Range 11-18 High School, Manchester (S)
  • William Austin Infant School, Bedfordshire
  • Windmill Primary, Oxfordshire
  • Woodland Middle School, Flitwick, Bedfordshire
  • Wootton Primary School Academy Trust, Wootton, Northamptonshire


* Special or Alternative Provision

(S) Secondary

(I) International 


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