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Value Based Education

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Schools can measure the impact of Values-based Education in many ways.


Pupil voice

Some schools have VbE Forums or Focus Groups, which include the whole range of stakeholders, who meet on a regular basis to discuss the impact of VbE. 

They capture these conversations and report back to the Governing Bodies, Trusts and Inspection Teams.


Schools also conduct their own research through questionnaires. 


Read the detailed feedback from the questionnaire to staff and parents from Broughton Fields Primary School.


'Any visitor that comes to our school tells us that our school has a uniques feel to it.

Our children are amazing - it must be down to our school values and the emphasis we place on these through everything we do.' (Staff member)


'We are able to provide a consistent approach at home and school.

Out child is thriving and sharing examples of the values he knows.' (Parent)





MyValuesStory in a box



We were thrilled to receive hundreds of entries to the competition. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered. 

Your stories were incredibly inspiring.

Thank you also to judges Viv Grant, Professor Mick Waters and Professor Bart McGettrick.

Presentations and prizes coming soon. 

Stories will be published for all to read. 





Category A  (4-7 year olds)


First Prize

Musa Ayaz, (Age 6) William Austin Infant School



Zarah Rahman, (Age 7), Loddon Primary School

Zaina Mehmood, (Age 7) William Austin Infant School

Mariam Ul-haq, (Age 7) William Austin Infant School

Nazihah Ahmed, (Age 7), William Austin Infant School


Runners Up

Phoebe Glasper, (Age 6), Ledbury Primary School

Evelyn Cox, (Age 7), Loddon Primary School

Thomas Gilbert Scott (Age 7), Long Crendon Primary School

Thomas Hamilton, (Age 7),  Long Crendon Primary School

Dominic Dixon, (Age 6), Southfield Primary School

Isha Rahman, (Age 6), William Austin Infant School

Malikah Muni, (Age 7), William Austin Infant School

Zaynab Begum, (Age 5), William Austin Infant School



Category B (8-11 year olds)


First Prize

Sophie Traub, (Age 8) Thames Ditton Junior School



Kelsie Nel, (Age 11), Aureus School

Alessandra Charlton, (Age 10),Long Crendon Primary School

Esme Maddison, (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Lia McFadyen, (Age 11) Stamford Welland Academy


Runners Up

Mason Swoffer, (Age 10), Coleshill Heath Primary School

Rachel, (Age 10), Eardisley C of E Primary School 

Timothy Cooper, (Age 6), Loddon Primary School

Liyana Rahman, (Age 10), Loddon Primary School

Romy Mullen (Age 9), Long Crendon Primary School

Georgia Guerin, (Age 8),  Long Crendon Primary School

Jack Richardson (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Phoebe Thomas, (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Sophie Longwell, (Age 8), Long Crendon Primary School

Charlie Littlewood, (Age 11), Long Crendon Primary School

Emma Corby, (Age 10), Long Crendon Primary School

Ella Penrose, (Age 10), Long Crendon Primary School

Abigail Corby, (Age 10), Long Crendon Primary School

Evie Hoy, (Age 9), Oakfield Junior School

Chole Wilson, (Age 9), Oakfield Junior School

Molly Skilton, (Age 11), Stamford Welland Academy

Holly Knight, (Age 11), Stamford Welland Academy

Nell Peachey Gudgin, (Age 11), Thames Ditton Primary School

Lara Measures, (Age 10), Thames Ditton Primary School



Category C (12-17 year olds)


First Prize

Isabella Watson, (Age 12) Aureus School



Ewan Cresswell, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Sophie Cooke, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Jess Skippon, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Emilie Shaw, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Runners Up

Samuel Purdy, (Age 12), Aureus School

Nadhir Macchiarulo, (Age 12), Aureus School 

Natalie Orpin, (Age 12), Aureus School

Sandra Winnicka, (Age 12), St Mark's C of E Academy

Carrie Miller  (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Kaylee Briggs, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Ben Doyle, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Joe Wallace, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Elliot Laughton-Smith, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Ruby Ashton, (Age 12), Stamford Welland Academy

Values Card





Book coverKnowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  - Aristotle


The Inner Curriculum teaches us how to be aware and in control of our internal world of thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions, enabling us to respond appropriately to others without hurting them or damaging our own sense of self.


When we create the right environment, it nourishes students' mental health, empowering their brains to remedy pathways that are holding them back.


It equips staff with new tools, with new insights, into responding to challenging behaviour, even the most challenging behaviour, in ways that support students to be able to respond in more appropriate ways to stresses they are otherwise unable to cope with.


Without high levels of wellbeing and resilience, pupils are unable to function well, build strong, positive relationships or get the most out of their education.

 Neil and Jane's renowned work has been to support schools in creating authentic values-based cultures, which promote wellbeing and resilience for all.


Neil's expertise as the founder of Values-based Education and Jane's as a highly-respected psychotherapist have  enabled them to work together to create and write about 'The Inner Curriculum'. 


They propose that all children need to understand what it means to be a complete human being; that our future depends on their ability to be humane and in relationship with the natural world.


We do not live in the ninetieth century, but so much of schooling reflects the tradition and mores of that epoch.


They maintain that the greatest inhibitor for positive change is that adults have all been to school and, subsequently, the natural human tendency to mirror and reproduce what we have experienced limits the capacity for meaningful change.


They created this guide as one that gives the reader both an understanding of the transformational theoretical ideas underpinning it and a range of practical exercises that will support its implementation.


In the first theoretical part of this book, they give an overview of Values-based Education (VbE): the Inner Curriculum (IC) and their relationship with each other. 


The second part explores how to implement the Inner Curriculum (IC).


We live at a time, filled with personal, social and political unrest, which demands that we creatively transform pedagogy, ideas and practices so that education is relevant to the demands of our times.


Contact us if you would like to find out more about training in VbE and/or The Inner Curriculum.

Buy 'The Inner Curriculum:How to nourish wellbeing, resilience and wellbeing'.



NEW dates -

Tuesday 6th November 2018

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Tuesday 19th February 2019

Venue: The Barn, Rutland Water, Leicestershire

Cost - £95 (or £85 to VbE Member Schools) - includes lunch and refreshments.

To book, contact: iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Local training also available for large groups.




Values-based Education (“VbE”) is committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”).


VbE follows the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations which requires data to:

  • Be obtained fairly and lawfully on the basis of positive consent
  • Be held and processed only for the specific purposes listed above
  • Be accurate and kept up to date
  • Be kept no longer than necessary
  • Be made available to data subjects on request
  • Be appropriately protected against – unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure and destruction and accidental loss.


VbE does not share this information with any other organisation, and will delete this information on request.


VbE collects personal information about VbE subscribers, to be used solely for the purpose of conducting the following core business activities:

  • Providing information to individuals or groups of individuals about matters relevant to them as VbE subscribers
  • Distributing updates and reports
  • Conducting surveys or questionnaires amongst the supporters on VbE related issues


VbE Subscribers have many rights regarding personal data and can email VbE to unsubscribe from communications or to be removed from the database.




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MyValuesStory in a box


MyValuesStory text




is a brilliant story-writing competition! 

It's for us to inspire each other with our stories of how we live our values - or how we would like to use values in our lives. 

What is your values story

Do you have a story about how you have used values, such as Courage, Kindness, Honesty to make a positive change in your life? 

We are looking for short stories about times when ordinary people have done extraordinary things by living their values. 

Or you may like to write a story from your imagination about how values could make a difference to where you live...your comummunity...your world. 

We want to give you the chance to inspire other people. We can share your story around the world! 

Click here for the flyer!


Is there Guidance for schools and parents? 

Yes - of course. We want to make it as simple as possible for you busy people. 

Click the link to download a Guidance for Schools one-page sheet. 

This activity can be done in school or as a home project.

There is a #MyValuesStory Plan to give children help if they are writing at home. 


How long does the story have to be? 

Stories can be up to 400 words. If you'd like to illustrate your story, please do (but you don't have to).

The stories can be fictional or real-life recounts. 


What are the age categories?  

Category A: 4-7 year olds 

Category B: 8-11 year olds

Category C: 12-17 year olds

Category D: Grown ups (teachers, school staff, parents may like to write a short story - we'd love to hear from you!)

You should enter the category for the age you are on 11th May 2018. 


What are the prizes?  

First Prize (for each age category)

- Your story published in the #MyValuesStory book - and a copy for you and your school.

- A fantastic ‘Values Photo Tree’ - one for you and one for your school.

- An invitation to meet the author of the values book  ‘From My Heart’ - Neil Hawkes*

- Badge and Certificate

- An opportunity to be filmed telling your 'Values Story'**                

 *Invitation will be to a values conference in November, a visit to your school depending on location, or a video call.

** Depending on location, we will come to your school and film you telling your story.



100 Runner-up Prizes

- Story published in #MyValuesStory book.

- Invitation to a webinar with values author Neil Hawkes.

- Badge and Certificate.


What is the deadline? 

Stories need to be submitted by midnight on Friday 11th May. 


When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced on Friday 25th May.


How do I submit my story?

Stories can be written at home or at school. There is a helpful #MyValuesStory Plan if you are writing at home. 

A responsible adult (parent/legal guardian or teacher) must submit the entry for Categories A, B or C. 

Each entry must have a signedEntry Form with it.

Details required include: the entrant’s name; age; school name and address; parent/legal guardian's name and signature. 

You can submit your story in the following ways: 

1. Download and fill in the Entry Form

2. Email the Entry Sheet and your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR post to VbE Comp, Chalk Pit Nursery, Chalk Pit Lane, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 8WD


Optional - submitting a #MyValuesStory Photo-Sign?


We would love to see you and your #MyValuesStory Photo-Sign!

There is a section on the Entry Form for permission for the Photo-Sign.

Download and print off the Photo-sign template  

Please don't write your name on the sign or show your school badge. 

The photo-sign may be used on the VbE website ( and/or on social media feeds @vbezone, #vbezone

We promise that no written information - eg, name, age or school will be published with the photo-sign.

Attach your photo sign with your story in the email or with your posted story. 


Can entries come from overseas?  


If an overseas entry is a first-prize winner, filming will take place via video link. 

Invitation to the conference will also be via video link if winners can't attend in person. 


Who are the judges?

Shortlisting judges are Values-based Education Consultants who are all current or former school leaders/teachers - and LOVE reading stories about values! 

Finalist judges are: 

Dr Neil Hawkes (Founder of VbE)

Professor Mick Waters (VbE Patron)

Bart McGettrick (VbE Patron)

Viv Grant (former Headteacher and Founder of Integrity Coaching)

We would like to invite some guest judges to the panel as well. 

If you would like to be a judge and are available, by email, between 14th and 24th May 2018, please let us know. 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What are the judges looking for?

- Stories can be fictional or real-life recounts.

- They should provide examples of how one or more values have been used or lived to create a positive change. 

- Stories should be in English.

- The positive impact of values should be a strong feature in the story.


 Please don't include...

- If the story is based on real-life, please don't include full names of people in the story.

- Please don't include personal details such as your address or birthday.


What will happen to my story?

- Your story will be read by the judges and may be awarded a prize. Have a go

- Your story may be published in a book called #MyValuesStory.

- Your story, or part of your story, may be published on the VbE website ( and/or on social media feeds @vbezone, #vbezone.

- We are sorry that we won't be able to return any stories you have posted to us.

- Depending on location, we would love to visit your school and film you reading your story. This film could be shared at values-events and on the website. 


What will happen to my picture?

- If you have sent us a photo of you holding your #MyValuesStory sign (and your entry form is signed by your parent/legal guardian), it may be used on the VbE website ( and/or on social media feeds @vbezone, #vbezone.

- We absolutely promise that we will not publish your name with the photo-sign.


 Permissions (very important)

- Parental/legal guardian permission needs to be given when submitting your story and your (optional) Photo-Sign. 


 Good luck everyone! 

We are looking forward to reading your stories and sharing them with the world!




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