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Value Based Education

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The section on Enhanced Personal Competence (EPC) is for schools who are looking for a structured, coordinated framework within which to develop the whole child, one which is applicable to every child in the school.

What is Enhanced Personal Competence?

When VbE is at the heart of 21st century schooling it develops what may be termed enhanced personal competence (EPC).

VbE argues for a balance between the development of personal and academic capacities with the result that students are empowered to develop holistically - able to meet the challenges of living as well as being prepared academically. The outcome of VbE is that students develop the overarching competence of EPC that arises from well developed personal and social competences. This multidimensional competence cannot be measured in the abstract through traditional written exams - only observed as a whole in real life situations. It is demonstrated in performance in complex relational situations in the world.

EPC therefore is an overarching competence, which equips students with the values, attitudes and behavioural traits that are increasingly needed to solve complex personal, social and work related challenges. It enables students to develop the ability to work effectively in relationship with others to meet important challenges in an ever-increasing complex world - multidimensional challenges, such as balancing the various demands that modern life brings. EPC foregrounds relationships and qualities, such as compassion and emotional intelligence and cannot be observed or exercised except in relationship with others.

The development of EPC requires the right conditions to nurture and sustain it, hence the urgent need for values-based schools and colleges.

A Nobel Prize Winner's View

This is what a 16 year old girl won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for saying about the imperative of balanced education:






The Structure of EPC

Within a school environment, EPC is the combined impact on each student of the Academic Competence and their Social Competence. The output of the Enhanced Personal Competence of every person in the entire community is its Social Capital.

Below is an illustration of the structure of EPC, with a guide to how subjects and whole-school action combine to create the elements of EPC. Click on the image to download a PDF version.



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