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VbE Principles for Engagement with Partner Organisations


The underpinning values of VbE are multifarious but the principle driving forces are perhaps seen most brightly in the values of love, peace and courage.

Through committing to these values, we work to get closer to achieving:

  • Social Justice
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Harmony
  • The Flourishing of Humanity


VbE is committed to working in partnership with organisations that express similar aims and intentions. 

In order to achieve this we work with partners who:

  • Share with VbE a deep ethical commitment to enabling children, young people and adults to achieve their best possibilities and value the world around them.
  • Share a commitment that unquestionable integrity must at the heart of our work.
  • With us, strive to avoid any conflict of interest in fulfilling our duties.
  • With us, are respectful of copyright.
  • Like us, aim to provide a high standard of practice, to deliver highly valued services and excellent value for money.
  • Commit with us to mutual promotion of our work, for the benefit of children and young people.
  • Work with us in a community of trust and mutual benefit.



Values-based FEATURED Partnership - Judicium Education


Judicium Education - are proud to announce their Film Competition, FREE to all Schools to enter across England and Wales.

Judicium Film Comp


Making a film requires... Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and ‘Stickability’...

Film-making is a ‘slog’.


Could someone in your school be a young Daniel Radcliffe in the making?

Or might they be dying to unleash their inner Jennifer Lawrence, or Lady Ga Ga?
Judicium are teaming up with 20th Century Fox, Cineworld, Pulse Films and Lloyds Bank to launch ‘Six Minutes in the Spotlight’, a short film competition open to all schools in England and Wales.

All you need to do is create a film that runs for no longer than 6 minutes.

We encourage creativity and will accept submissions from any and every genre.

Closing Date: 30th October 2019



Your film could be: 

- A hip-hop music video  - A documentary about your local area - A teenage zombie flick - ​A stop-motion plasticine cartoon - ​A reality show about your school!
The only criteria are that it must entertain us, amuse us, intrigue us…or even just make us think.

There really are no boundaries; this is your opportunity to put your creative abilities on display and dazzle us with your vision and voice.

For the Oscar-worthy entries there are A-list prizes to be won!

First place will receive £2,500 and £1,500 for secondary and primary schools respectively, and the first 5 runners up will get their hands on £500 and £350.

On top of that there are dozens of Amazon vouchers up for grabs and even free entry passes to Cineworld for a full year!

Full details of the competition

Good luck, happy filmmaking....AND ACTION!



Our Values-based Partnerships - Practitioners


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Bushcraft and Beyond Cambium Sustainable (Forest Schools)   Compass for Life 


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International Positive Education Network (IPEN) Dialogue Works (Philosophical Teaching and Learning)  Growing Great Schools Worldwide 




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SAPERE (Philosophy for Children) The Resilience Project    Votes for Schools


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Picture News The Big Think  Flourish Project 


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UK Values Alliance  Human Values Foundation  Imagine for Schools 




Our Values-based Partnerships - Services   

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ICT Support for Schools  MIS and Tracker  School Services 
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