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Research and articles about Values-based Education can be found in this section.

You are welcome to email VbE with relevant articles you may like published here.

Our team of Trustees, Consultants and Associates are wholly committed to creating Values-based environments in which children and adults are nurtured and flourish.

They have all been recognised as experts in the field of Values-based Education and are able to provide guidance, advice and support to schools looking to embed a values-based approach.


VbE Trustees and Consultants


Jane Hawkes 173x190 Neil vbe Bridget Knight
Jane Hawkes   Dr Neil Hawkes (Founder)  Bridget Knight (CEO)


Vbe Consultants


 Our VbE team of Consultants are all highly experienced in the field of Values-based Education. 

They are, or have all been, leaders of Values-based schools and are VbE Trainers and Quality Mark Assessors. 

They work nationally and internationally and support a large team of VbE Associates. 


Neil 173x190    Pat B1  
Neil Balliston     Patricia Beechey


Linda H 173x190 Sue jones 173x190 Sue P1
Linda Halsall Sue Jones   Sue Payne


Julie Rees1



Sue webb 173x190
Julie Rees  Sue Webb 


VbE Associates


Our large team of VbE Associates are a body of people who work extremely hard in their own settings to promote VbE as a philosophy and a movement. 

They host visitors to their settings, run VbE Network Meetings and many speak at values events. 


Cori Bateman
Lee Batstone
Alison Clark
Nigel Cohen

Fiona Collins
Jeff Conquest
Simon Cowley
Sheila Dentith
Sue Cahill (Australia)
Pete Dunmall
Tony Eaude
Gill Ellis
Craig Gill (Brunei)
Katie Greenwood
David Harding
Allison Hickson
Richard Jenkins
Annette McCullion
Shelagh Moore
Jason O'Rourke
Susan Purdue
Sue Sayers
Emma Smart
Tracey Smith
Chris Spurgeon
Laura Steer
Eugene Symonds
Di Thomas
Kathy Wood (Brunei)
Sue Woodrow



Values-based schools are excellent places to work. People are recruited based on their competencies and values.


Staff are proud to work in values-based schools and stay in working environments which focus on their wellbeing and development.


This space is for values-based schools to advertise vacancies and is FREE at the moment while it builds up. 


 To advertise a vacancy, email details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 You may also be interested to read this superb article about Values-led Recruitment by headteacher Hannah Wilson.


Aureus School, Didcot, Oxfordshire

aureusAureus Teaching Vacancies for September 2018

Brand new values-based secondary school opening in September.

Seeking the following teachers and Leader Practitioners to join the dynamic team in September 2018:

* LP DT * LP Music * LP English * LP Maths * LP Science * NQT English * NQT Maths * NQT Science


Our team of VbE consultants are highly experienced leaders of Values-based Education.staffteam

Some are also Professional Executive Coaches.


All consultants and coaches have an excellent skill-set, which is matched to your requirements when you request coaching and/or consultancy for your school.


As former leaders of Values-based schools, our consultants and coaches understand the complexities of headship/leadership and how to raise standards through Values-based School Improvement.


In addition, or as an alternative, to choosing from the Professional Development Menu of training for schools, we offer:


  • Professional Consultancy for schools/leadership teams/values-leaders requiring effective and specific advice. Our consultants use a values-centric approach to School Improvement to help raise standards throughout the school.


  • Executive Leadership Coaching for school leaders/values leaders/leadership teams looking to achieve professional goals through developing authentic leadership strategies.  Our Professional Coaching provides non-judgmental support and challenge to help leaders create healthy, positive, high functioning environments where people grow and flourish.


  • Values-based School Improvement Package. This is one element in our 'VbE Solutions' Professional Services for Academies and Schools Portfolio. It provides an annual support package of Values-based School Improvement which is bespoke to your school. Services are provided throughout the year, with intial auditing, tailored support/training and final evaluation included.   


CONTACT US to arrange a telephone appointment to discuss your specific requirements.








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