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Value Based Education

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Special Schools

A growing number of Special Schools are embracing Values-based Education with the most wonderful impact! 


Congratulations to Wilds Lodge School (An 'Outstanding' Residential Theraputic School) in Leicestershire for recently being the first Special School to achieved the VbE Enhanced Quality Mark. 


Wilds Lodge

'The driving force of the school’s pedagogy is good relationships...Staff are very authentic, real people who share who they are with the pupils. This has a profound effect on building self-confidence and respectful relationships. If a pupil is in need of support because they feel emotionally overwhelmed they feel safe and secure because they know that staff really do care and value them as people. Pupils are constantly faced with dilemmas related to their own behaviour as well as in the formal curriculum. Pupils are invited to think about their behaviour in a non-judgemental way, which helps them to develop the skills associated with self-regulation and self-leadership.'

Dr Hawkes - July 2017 




Rowdeford School in Wiltshire is also one of VbE's superb Quality Mark schools. 


'The school’s core values of ‘responsibility, happiness, cooperation, resilience, respect and caring’ lie at the heart of all that it does. As a result, pupils grow in self-confidence. They learn to overcome any barriers that are part of their initial communication and interaction difficulties.' OFSTED 2016


This film shows Values-based Education at its very best. 


Go to Case Studies page to see The Valley School's values journey. 

Statistics only tell a small part of the story of VbE. Below are charts showing a small selection of outcomes following introduction of VbE.



Academic Attainment

Improvement in GCSE results at Stamford Welland Academy in the year of introduction of Values-based Education.




Improvement in academic performance at Chantry Primary School since commencement of Values-based Education.






Behavioural Impact

Improvements in behaviour are reported throughout VbE schools. We have not formalised the impact into statistically analysed charts. But Bath Spa University carried out research into a similar field to VbE, Emotion Coaching. Below are the statistically significant changes they found after the first year of coaching, relative to the year prior to the coaching.


Melksham Oak Community Secondary School, Wiltshire, UK




Pupil Engagement

Improvement in pupil engagement of bottom 20th percentile of Airds School Cluster, since commencement of Values-based Education

Airds Cluster


Airds School Cluster, New South Wales, Australia






The impact on tolerance at Porchester Junior School in Nottingham, following the introduction of VbE.


Porcehster Tolerance Chart


The figures represent the pupils' self-assessment of their level of tolerance with 0% being completely intolerant and 100% being completely tolerant.

The school has created a poster with the pupils' comments that support and explain their self-ratings.
Download: To download the poster, click here (format: pdf, size: 1.3MB)




Attainment Gap


VbE provides a learning environment that supports narrowing the attainment gap between children of different backgrounds, bu supporting pupils to become self-motivated, with secure self-esteem regardless of their backgrounds. The Meads Primary School in Luton, a VbE hub school, was cited by OFSTED as providing exceptional progress in this area. 


meads attainment gap


Richard Jenkins, the school's head teacher, describes his multi-faceted approach. He explains that VbE played a fundamental part in creating the conditions that allowed the schools initiative to succeed. He is believes this success can be replicated in other schools. To download the article, click here


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