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Value Based Education

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VbE Case StudiesVbE Case Studies

Values-based Education IS British Values, PSHE and SMSCPEACE by Olivia age 11. Broughton Fields Primary School
Values-based Education (VbE) is truly transformational, providing a structure for a positive ethos that impacts on the whole school community. It has a direct influence on the entire curriculum, and most specifically on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), and of course on the teaching of British Values.

Values-Based Education and Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural Education (SMSC) 

The framework of VbE offers an assured foundation for the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of pupils. School assemblies and lessons focus on the values progressively so that pupils deepen and challenge their understanding. Through exploring a selection of positive values in depth, pupils learn what these mean to them and their lives, and what application they have for other people and the wider world. The enactment of these values in shared behaviours, shared language and spiritual reflection across the school enables pupils to develop both their cognitive understanding and their personal ‘Inner Curriculum.’ Moreover, the practice of VbE infuses the ethos and culture of the school, meaning that a child’s entire school experience furthers their spiritual, social and cultural development

Values-Based Education and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) 

VbE provides a welcome structure for teaching the non-statutory PSHE curriculum at Key Stages 1 and 2. The exploration of a school’s chosen values easily facilitates the teaching and learning requirements in this curriculum area. Through considering a range of values, pupils learn about healthy lifestyles, developing relationships and respecting differences between people, playing an active role as citizens and developing confidence and responsibility to make the most of their talents and skills. Pupils at a values-based school find PSHE accessible and enjoyable because of their well-developed ethical vocabulary and reasoning skills.


Values-Based Education and British Values

Schools are required to teach pupils about the British Values of:
Individual Liberty
The Rule of Law and
Children are taught how their school values underpin everything their school does and this givesa meaningful context for British Values, supporting their understanding of how they underpin our society. Values-based schools ensure that British Values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the wider values-based philosophy that infuses the ethos and work of the school. All curriculum areas provide a vehicle for furthering understanding of these concepts so that pupils can embrace these concepts with enthusiasm and demonstrate a good understanding of their application to their own lives.

The skills and attributes developed through the teaching of values are known to enhance the curriculum and pupils’ learning behaviours, and raise attainment, attendance and pupil wellbeing.


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Peace by Olivia - Age 11 - Broughton Fields School

Artwork from Ledbury Primary School

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Phoenix logo

Phoenix is a values-based success story, and it’s a story which should be shared with on a national basisVbE Quality Mark Report - January 2018                                                                                                     

One of the headlines of this transformation has to be huge shift from poor behaviour to excellent behaviour.

Phoenix VbE QM Certificate


In the year before VbE was introduced, 246 school days were lost through exclusion...                                                       so far this year, there have been 0 days lost.

The school’s attendance has also increased dramatically from 93.5% to 96.5%.


The school’s core values, for example trust and tolerance, are woven through all aspects of school life.

These values are frequently referred to during lessons to encourage pupils to reflect on their behaviour and its impact on others.

Pupils embody these values in the mature way they conduct themselves and the respect they show for each other and staff. As a result, pupils have a strong sense of right and wrong and value diversity. - OFSTED May 2016


Read the full Case StudyRead the full Case Study

Phoenix's OFSTED Report May 2016










"The school’s values are at the heart of its provision. They are the driving force behind the vibrant curriculum. 

Washingborough pic

Pupils are respectful, tolerant and thoughtful as a result.”  

 Read the full Case Study

 Washingborough's OFSTED Report November 2017



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....It is extremely important to us that the pupils at Fielding feel happy; our Values-based Education ethos has united our pupils, parents and staff and laid the foundation for improved emotional health and well-being. Recently being judged ‘Outstanding’ in all areas by Ofsted, has given us further validation that our journey to becoming a Values-based school has been a success. Values-based Education underpins everything we do at Fielding, we are seeing calmer learning environments, consistency in behaviour expectations and an improvement in pupil’s ability to verbalise their feelings and actions. Values-based Education has empowered our pupils to be effective learners and good citizens.

Read the full case study Fielding children

Fielding's Outstanding OFSTED Report February 2017







Someries logo







...Since we began focusing on providing a values-based education, we have noticed considerable improvements in pupils’ learning behaviours and their attitudes towards others. We have also witnessed how our values-based approach has impacted positively on our local community because of the influence it has had on our families through the community-based projects we host.

Read the full case studySomeries Children

Someries' Outstanding OFSTED Report February 2017  





Read the story behind Clehonger School's wonderful values sculpture here

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The Valley School in Stevange is a Secondary Special School. It recently discovered VbE and it's having quite an impact already. 

Click here to read their case study about starting their values journey. 


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