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is a brilliant story-writing competition! 

It's for us to inspire each other with our stories of how we live our values - or how we would like to use values in our lives. 

What is your values story

Do you have a story about how you have used values, such as Courage, Kindness, Honesty to make a positive change in your life? 

We are looking for short stories about times when ordinary people have done extraordinary things by living their values. 

Or you may like to write a story from your imagination about how values could make a difference to where you live...your comummunity...your world. 

We want to give you the chance to inspire other people. We can share your story around the world! 

Click here for the flyer!


Is there Guidance for schools and parents? 

Yes - of course. We want to make it as simple as possible for you busy people. 

Click the link to download a Guidance for Schools one-page sheet. 

This activity can be done in school or as a home project.

There is a #MyValuesStory Plan to give children help if they are writing at home. 


How long does the story have to be? 

Stories can be up to 400 words. If you'd like to illustrate your story, please do (but you don't have to).

The stories can be fictional or real-life recounts. 


What are the age categories?  

Category A: 4-7 year olds 

Category B: 8-11 year olds

Category C: 12-17 year olds

Category D: Grown ups (teachers, school staff, parents may like to write a short story - we'd love to hear from you!)

You should enter the category for the age you are on 11th May 2018. 


What are the prizes?  

First Prize (for each age category)

- Your story published in the #MyValuesStory book - and a copy for you and your school.

- A fantastic ‘Values Photo Tree’ - one for you and one for your school.

- An invitation to meet the author of the values book  ‘From My Heart’ - Neil Hawkes*

- Badge and Certificate

- An opportunity to be filmed telling your 'Values Story'**                

 *Invitation will be to a values conference in November, a visit to your school depending on location, or a video call.

** Depending on location, we will come to your school and film you telling your story.



100 Runner-up Prizes

- Story published in #MyValuesStory book.

- Invitation to a webinar with values author Neil Hawkes.

- Badge and Certificate.


What is the deadline? 

Stories need to be submitted by midnight on Friday 11th May. 


When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced on Friday 25th May.


How do I submit my story?

Stories can be written at home or at school. There is a helpful #MyValuesStory Plan if you are writing at home. 

A responsible adult (parent/legal guardian or teacher) must submit the entry for Categories A, B or C. 

Each entry must have a signedEntry Form with it.

Details required include: the entrant’s name; age; school name and address; parent/legal guardian's name and signature. 

You can submit your story in the following ways: 

1. Download and fill in the Entry Form

2. Email the Entry Sheet and your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR post to VbE Comp, Chalk Pit Nursery, Chalk Pit Lane, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 8WD


Optional - submitting a #MyValuesStory Photo-Sign?


We would love to see you and your #MyValuesStory Photo-Sign!

There is a section on the Entry Form for permission for the Photo-Sign.

Download and print off the Photo-sign template  

Please don't write your name on the sign or show your school badge. 

The photo-sign may be used on the VbE website ( and/or on social media feeds @vbezone, #vbezone

We promise that no written information - eg, name, age or school will be published with the photo-sign.

Attach your photo sign with your story in the email or with your posted story. 


Can entries come from overseas?  


If an overseas entry is a first-prize winner, filming will take place via video link. 

Invitation to the conference will also be via video link if winners can't attend in person. 


Who are the judges?

Shortlisting judges are Values-based Education Consultants who are all current or former school leaders/teachers - and LOVE reading stories about values! 

Finalist judges are: 

Dr Neil Hawkes (Founder of VbE)

Professor Mick Waters (VbE Patron)

Bart McGettrick (VbE Patron)

Viv Grant (former Headteacher and Founder of Integrity Coaching)

We would like to invite some guest judges to the panel as well. 

If you would like to be a judge and are available, by email, between 14th and 24th May 2018, please let us know. 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What are the judges looking for?

- Stories can be fictional or real-life recounts.

- They should provide examples of how one or more values have been used or lived to create a positive change. 

- Stories should be in English.

- The positive impact of values should be a strong feature in the story.


 Please don't include...

- If the story is based on real-life, please don't include full names of people in the story.

- Please don't include personal details such as your address or birthday.


What will happen to my story?

- Your story will be read by the judges and may be awarded a prize. Have a go

- Your story may be published in a book called #MyValuesStory.

- Your story, or part of your story, may be published on the VbE website ( and/or on social media feeds @vbezone, #vbezone.

- We are sorry that we won't be able to return any stories you have posted to us.

- Depending on location, we would love to visit your school and film you reading your story. This film could be shared at values-events and on the website. 


What will happen to my picture?

- If you have sent us a photo of you holding your #MyValuesStory sign (and your entry form is signed by your parent/legal guardian), it may be used on the VbE website ( and/or on social media feeds @vbezone, #vbezone.

- We absolutely promise that we will not publish your name with the photo-sign.


 Permissions (very important)

- Parental/legal guardian permission needs to be given when submitting your story and your (optional) Photo-Sign. 


 Good luck everyone! 

We are looking forward to reading your stories and sharing them with the world!




The VbE Vision was updated in August 2017 in line with national and worldwide developments. 

You can download the document here


vbe vision


The inaugural VbE Member Schools' Conference at Friends House in London was a huge success. 

Freinds house

School leaders, teachers, governors and people working in fields aligned with VbE came together for a day of inspiration! 


The 'ValuesMeet' session gave several schools the opportunity to share their brilliant values practice with everyone else: 

 Jane Tailby - Middle Barton School, Hannah Wilson - Aureus School, Richard Jenkins - The Meads School, Hannah Holgate - Coltishall School, Dan Hiblin & Dom Brister - Stamford Welland Academy and Cori Bateman - Chantry Primary Academy.


See a Gallery of our Member Schools' Sharing Great Practice slides 




There were longer presentations from Lizzy Lewis from Sapere on 'Philiosophy For Children (P4C), Licette Gus from Emotion Coaching UK, Julie Rees from Ledbury Primary School on 'Values in the Community' and Ellis Brooks from Quaker Peace Education.  

IMG 7539


Finally the launch of 'The Inner Curriculum' (TIC) by Dr Neil Hawkes and Jane Hawkes. IMG 7532

Based on neuroscience, TIC provides schools with specific methodologies to support staff and pupils' emotional health, resilience and wellbeing.

VbE Professional Development Training will now include 'The Inner Curriculum' as a feature.


The day was topped and tailed by CEO Bridget Knight, with Sue Webb as the MC and the other VbE consultants helping to make everything run smoothly. 

IMG 7468 2 med


VbE Supporters included Matt from Votes For Schools, Nick from Steam Co, Martin from At My Best and Alex from Judicium Education.  The wonderful Kate and her team from Fresh Start Catering provided a magnificent lunch! 


A fantastic day was had by all! The VbE Member Schools community is about schools supporting and inspiring each other and VbE providing the means for the means for this crucial work to be shared - with the world! 


2017 10 26 2

Click to read a brilliant blog written by Kate Smith of Queen Emma School. 


Click here to see a Photo Gallery of the day. 


Click here for presentations from the conference.


If you would like to become a Member School, click here to find out the details. 




Schools and educational organisations all over the world are becoming Values-based organisations. 


Neil Hawkes and VbE Consultants train schools and speak in many countries, including: 

Australia, Brunei, Dubai, Iceland, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden


There are VbE Quality Mark Schools all over the world - and the number is growing fast.


Highlights from VbE Overseas



Sri Lanka


In December 2017, VbE were given the opportunity to join Think Equal as they trained 300 Master Trainers in a values-based curriculum for 3-4 year olds. 


These Master Trainers are now training teachers in every one of the 19,000 pre schools on an island where peace is relatively new (after a horrific war) and still quite fragile. 


The Government in Sri Lanka have made the Think Equal curriculum mandatory, and VbE were privileged to be a part of the introduction of this formal values education initiative. 


The Team


Read Sue Webb's report  about this visit.


See a Gallery of the visit.











Alfaheidi School, a VbE Quality Mark (Nursery) school in Iceland, have produced this beautiful short film about their work. 






IMG 0675

In August 2017, VbE was approached with a request to provide a consultant to support the Foundation for Values Transformation (FVT) - in introducing and establishing Values based Education into the state education system in Lagos, Nigeria.


48 leaders of Nigerian state schools were trained. 


They will now be able to introduce VbE to their own schools and, in time, to other state schools in Nigeria.



Read Pat Beechey's report about this visit.


See a Gallery of this visit. 





DIS Award 2

Senior leaders from Divine International School in India spent a week visiting VbE schools in the UK in November 2016. 


They visited 5 excellent VbE Quality Mark schools in London (Merryhills, Eversley, Coldfall, Fielding and St Mark's)

and received training over the 5 days from VbE Consultant Sue Webb.


Just a few months later, they received national recognition when they won the presigious

Times Education ICON 2017 Award for Innovation In Teaching


See the Gallery of their visit in November


Visit their website and read their VbE Newsletters 


dcis award2














Values-based Education - 'Nurturing Wellbeing and Resilience'


Without high levels of resilience, students are are unable to function well, build strong, positive relationships or reach their potential.


VbE has recognised this for many years; our work has been to support schools in creating authentic values-based cultures which, in turn, promote wellbeing and resilience for all.


Neil and Jane Hawkes latest book, 'The Inner Curriculum - How to nourish wellbeing, resilience and self-leadership' is an essential read for all educationalists. 

Book cover



When today’s pupils have high levels of wellbeing, resilience and self-leadership, they will build strong positive relationships, be successful learners and enjoy emotional stability.

Values-based Education has acknowledged this for many years and looks to create a sustainable and peaceful future for humanity through the way in which we educate the next generation.

Neil and Jane’s renowned and dedicated work has been to support schools in creating authentic values-based cultures, which promote wellbeing and resilience for all.

In this transformative, creative and vital book, Neil and Jane introduce the Inner Curriculum as a new concept in education. They show how it teaches people of all ages to be conscious and in harmonious control of their internal world of thoughts,feelings and emotions.

Their insights drawn from interpersonal neurobiology, psychotherapy and excellent education practices help pupils develop a strong and secure sense of self. This nurtures the disposition of self-leadership, which contributes to improved pupil achievement, behaviour, relationships, communication skills and mental health.



 Neil and Jane

Neil and Jane deliver keynote speeches and training all over the world. 


They are highly esteemed visitors to many national and international educational institutions.


For more information about their availability, Contact Us.







David Gumbrell

VbE Specialist Consultant, David Gumbrell is a former headteacher and Resilience expert. 


David delivers presentations, training and coaching in Resilience, aligning his practice with VbE. 


For more information about David's work and a special offer for VbE Member schools, click here






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