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Values-based Education
Improving our students' capacity to learn, and their capacity to succeed in life
A personal message from our founder, Dr Neil Hawkes
I hope that this website will inspire you to adopt Values-based Education: in your own life; when working with children and young people, at school and at home; in the the life of the wider community.

Values-based Education

What is Values-based Education (VbE) and why do so many schools engage with it?
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VbE resources

There are extensive resources to help schools implement VbE and teachers include it in their lessons. The overwhelming majority of resources are free.
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VbE Schools

News, updates and a forum for schools on their VbE journies
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A Student's Perspective
Lynette, a year 6 pupil at Brimsdown Primary School in Enfield, explains her thoughts on the value to her of Values-based Education.
A Founder's Perspective
Dr Neil Hawkes, founder of the International Values-based Education Trust (IVET), talks about aspects of Values-based Education.