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Values-based Education
Improving our students' capacity to learn, and their capacity to succeed in life. Now reaching over 1 million students each year.

A personal message from our founder, Dr Neil Hawkes
Schools worldwide are seeing the transformational impact on the quality of their education, after introducing Values-based education (VbE). VbE inspires adults and pupils to adopt and live positive human values. In English schools there is now a government requirement to teach British Values (BV).

See the Resources section for our ever increasing resources library, and the Membership section for VbE support.

Values-based Education

What is Values-based Education (VbE) and why do so many schools engage with it?
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VbE Resources

There are extensive resources to help schools implement VbE and teachers include it in their lessons. The overwhelming majority of resources are free.
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VbE Membership

Details of VbE support and free services, and discounts for training available for members
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Primary Student's Perspective
Lynette, a year 6 pupil
Brimsdown Primary School, UK

Secondary Student's Perspective
Camilla, a year 11 pupil
Academia Britanica, El Salvador

A Founder's Perspective
Dr Neil Hawkes, founder of IVET

A School's Perspective
Staff from Rowdeford School introduce the school's values (from start to 4m:07s) and
describe the impact of values on their special needs pupils (from 4m:08s to end).